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Wood Fired Pizza Near Me - Wilmington & Hampstead NC

Updated: Mar 21

Welcome to a culinary journey that will tantalize your taste buds and elevate your dining experience! If you find yourself craving the irresistible aroma of freshly baked, wood-fired pizza, you're in luck. The Wilmywoodie Wood Fired Pizza truck is hitting the streets, don't worry you can't miss us driving through Wilmington with our Forno Piombo wood-fired pizza oven bringing up the rear! Our schedule changes weekly and we are proud to serve Wilmington and the neighboring areas.

Wilmywoodie Wood Fired Pizza Truck
Wilmywoodie Wood Fired Pizza Truck

Explore the Best Pizza in Town: Picture this – a crisp, golden crust, bubbling with melted cheese, and the rich aroma of wood smoke wafting through the air. Looking for pizza near me? Our wood-fired pizza truck is dedicated to delivering this unparalleled dining experience to pizza enthusiasts in Wilmington, Hampstead, Porters Neck, Surf City, Holly Ridge, Scott's Hill, and Ogden.

Wood-Fired Excellence: What sets our pizza apart? It's the magic that happens inside our wood-fired oven. The intense heat from the wood flames crisps up the crust to perfection while imparting a distinctive smoky flavor that simply can't be replicated in conventional ovens. Each bite is a symphony of flavors, combining quality ingredients with the rustic charm of wood-fired cooking.

Locate Our Food Truck: For those eager to savor our wood-fired delights, finding us is a breeze. Our food truck roams the streets of Wilmington and its neighboring areas, serving up happiness one pie at a time. To make your search easier, check our website calendar or instagram for real-time updates on our location and schedule.

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