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Wedding Receptions & Private Events

Wedding receptions are one of our favorite types of events to take part in! They are a celebration of two peoples love for each other and in our opinion, pizza is the perfect pairing for that type of celebration!


There are a lot of factors that affect the pricing for wedding receptions and other private events. Each quote we send is individually tailored to that event. Our minimum pricing for any private in our local area is $1,200. We do travel outside of Wilmington, however a travel fee based on time and mileage may apply. 

Party Size

We serve small crowds of 20-30 and larger gatherings of up to 200 people. Crowd size does help to determine how we serve but we always work to accommodate our customers needs. With larger parties we prefer to serve buffet or family style to ensure your guests have fun partying, not standing in line. For smaller events we can offer traditional made-to-order window style service.

Pizza and more!

All of our private event customers can select their menu so they get their favorites on their big day! You can choose 3 specialty pizzas for your menu. We always offer the traditional cheese and pepperoni pizzas as well and they do not count towards your choices. In addition, if you have guests with dietary restrictions like gluten or dairy sensitivities we can provide a gluten free pizza crust and vegan style cheese-less pizzas. It is always important to notify your caterer if there are other allergies or sensitives that they should be aware of and pizza is no exception! 

In addition to pizza we are happy to offer the following menu items:

  • Dipping sauces (House-made Ranch, House-made Hot Honey and our House-made Marinara)

  • Caesar & Garden Salads

  • Deep Dish S'mores Bars

  • Non-alcoholic drinks

What's included in our pricing?

Our private party and reception packages include:

  • Two hours of food service

  • The choice of 3 specialty pizzas for your menu

  • Pizzas served on palm leaf or metal pizza pans for family & buffet style service

  • Pizza serving utensils for family & buffet style service

  • Pizzas served individually in to-go boxes for traditional food truck service

  • If salad is included in your package, we provide large silver salad bowls and clear salad tongs

  • Chalkboard table signs

  • For more casual events we are happy to provide our napkin dispensers and napkins.

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